Handbike - GTM Blackbird

Handbike - GTM Blackbird
The GTM Blackbird ™ is a high performance handbike for extreme athletes. The characteristic horizontal design combined with the best quality 7020 aluminum alloy ensure a unique stiffness and lower energy losses during the performance.

Intentionally  ground clearance reduced and low center of gravity make the bike more stable on the road and allows the rider to focus on cycling only. Creating the GTM Blackbird ™  was preceded by over a year of testing and consultation with the best handbikes riders.



Using aluminum 7020 allowed to reduce a weight of bike to minimum without decreasing its strength and durability. There are two versions of frame available, Light and Ultra Light. The weight of the second one is extremely reduced what makes it absolutely matchless.


GTM Blackbird ™  is equipped with the Frame Internal Reinforcement System which, in combination with a fork leading insert sleeve, makes the bike more stiffness even under high load.


To reduce aerodynamic resistance construction of the bike was attuned for best aerodynamic characteristic. Horizontal position of the rider and inward direction of footrest decreases aerodynamic profile letting to move faster with the same energy input.


Every GTM Blackbird ™  is unique. Individual approach to each rider results in perfectly tailored bikes. Dimensions of the frame and fork are based on individual requirements of the rider.  To feel comfortable during whole race, bike has an ergonomic armchair with carbon fiber skeleton, matched to rider’s physical features. Armchair is equipped with neck support and side holders, making rider’s body stable even during overcoming sharp curves. Upholstery of the seat is made of breathable textile, thanks what riding is more pleasant.

What is more, even welded fork has still space for the adjustment in crank axle position. Horizontal and vertical regulation allow rider to fit the bike to his current demands.

Customized length and width of cranks allow choosing the best cranks for personal requirements of the user. Footrest are customized as well, they could be separated, welded or made from different materials like aluminum or titanium.

Footrest are customized as well, they could be regulated or  welded and also made from different materials like aluminum or titanium.


GTM Blackbird ™  is available with individually chosen equipment provided by best producers of bike components. Bike is available with carbon or aluminum wheels as well as with mechanic or electronic derailleurs system.


For safe cycling, GTM Blackbird ™  is equipped in additional brake which can be also used as a parking brake. Rear bumper protects against hits from behind and special holder allows to mount safety flag what makes bike more visible on the road. Furthermore the carbon chain guard covers the chain mechanism and protects against dirtiness from it.


The GTM Blackbird ™  is handmade, every detail of the bike is made, installed and adjusted carefully Each axis of the bike, even handles, is mounted on bearings, what causes better durability and reliability. For best quality some parts, e.g.  derailleur support or spider, are made in CNC technology, what makes GTM Blackbird ™   the really technically advanced product.

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